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The Bath Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1957. Its first quarters were in the basement of the Bath Town Hall. The first Fire Chief was Roscoe Olney. From a 1936 Chevrolet truck donated by George Minot the members built the first fire truck which carried ladders, hose, hard suction hose and a mounted 250 gallon per minute pump. After outgrowing the space in the town hall , the members purchased a garage which stood where the parking lot by the town common is today. The ladies auxiliary paid for the building with the sales from a snack bar in the office of the station. The department purchased a pumper from the Lyndonville VT. Fire department and surplus military trucks. 


By this time the department had an Engine, 2 tank trucks and a 4x4 forestry truck, but still raised most of its operating expenses with only a small appropriation from the town.


By the 1990's the expenses and insurance costs were becoming prohibitive, and in 1995 at Town Meeting by article 9 the Town of Bath took over operation of the fire department soon after that the space and condition of the fire station became inadequate and the present fire station was built.


Presently the department operates as a paid on call department with an Engine, Two Tankers, a 4x4 Forestry truck and a mobile equipment trailer for rescue gear and an ATV. The current roster is twenty officers and firemen.


PICTURE: Bath Fire Departments first Fire Truck-The picture was taken Fall of 1957. As you look at the picture from Left to Right John D Badger Age 9, Susan Darling, Alice Woods and Vicky Darling.

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