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Training news


On 08/3 11 members completed the the Swift Water Rescue course. This portion taught basic rescue techniques, rescue swimming and swift water extrication skills. These members are certified to the technician level. We have 4 more members to take this portion of the course.


Several water hazards in Bath were designated in the recently completed Bath Emergency Response Plan, The Water Rescue and Ice Rescue training will prepare members to respond to these hazards.


We are developing pre-incident management plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for these hazards.


Basic equipment for recue has been purchased, such as personal flotation devices, helmets and ropes.


Additional equipment will have to be obtained as funds become available.


This type of rescue is both very technical, and dangerous and will require a lot of practice to maintain skill levels.


Early in May the department did grass burning at several sites in town, this provided both a service to landowners and provided training for members. At one site we used our new forestry pump and hose to do a controlled burn.







  • 2016 Firefighter of the Year recipient FF Joseph Rodger



    This year’s award goes to a member who has been with the Department three years, having joined at age 16 during his sophomore year in high school. During this time he has been certified as an Ice Rescue technician, a Swift water Rescue Technician and last year completed and passed a 245 hour Level 1 fire fighter course. This year he completed and passed a 245 hour level 2 firefighter course. These courses were taken on his own time with no cost to the department. Currently he is finishing an EMT course.

    He has been accepted at Lakes Region College to be taking a duel degree in Fire science And Fire Investigator.

    During this time he has maintained his High School grades and worked a part time job.

    He is the son of Bath Fire Lieutenant Jessica Brusseau & Bath Fire Captain Jon Brusseau, Please join me in congratulating Joe Rodger, Bath Fire Department’s Fireman of the year.





Bath Fire department 2016 budget notes


The Budget for 2016 will be $68,000 staying the same as last year.


Thank you for your continued support




Equipment Update




At the 2015 town meeting it was voted to raise $196,605 for the purchase of a new Tank truck for the Fire Department.


The Truck which will be built at Dingee Machine in Cornish. NH. Is a Freightliner FL170 which is the same make as our current Engine. The chassis has been ordered, with an estimated delivery of Oct. 2015. At that time the tank and pumps will be installed. The truck committee worked hard to both keep costs down and spec the truck to both meet our needs and fit our bridges & back roads.


The tank capacity is 1800 gallons, It has 2 portable pumps, the same as our current tank trucks, holds a 1800 gallon portatank, 2 SCBA with extra cylinders and has storage for hose, ladders, etc. it is equipped with a Quick dump that will dump to the rear and either side that can be controlled from the cab.


We are confident that this truck will meet the needs of the town & our mutual aid partners for many years.


Our other tank truck is a 1993 which with some repairs we hope to keep operating a while longer.




Forestry 1


Our 1967 Jeep forestry truck has been refitted this spring. The truck which carries the bulk of our forestry tools has had the pickup body refitted with racks and better mounting for the tank and pump.


This was necessary to carry the new forestry pump and other equipment that Warden Gagnon obtained with a grant last year.


The rescue trailer has been fitted with racks and hold downs to store our water and ice rescue equipment, and can also be used to carry our ATV to rescue or forestry scenes.






CPR recertification in March


Ice rescue training on Mach 5


Joint training with Lisbon Fire at the new Burton Fire Academy on March 15


Twin State FireSchool in May






Total Calls were up slightly from 65 to 73 this year




Motor Vehicle Accidents 25                                                          Structure Fires   3


Chimney Fires                                                                              Water Rescue 2


Service Calls 7                                                                             Alarm Activations 6


Assist Ambulance 3                                                                      Brush or Forest Fire 4


Down Power Lines 5                                                                    Mutual Aid to other towns 7


Assist Police 1                                                                             Illegal Burns 6

Car Fires 1                                                                                   Smoke Investigations 3




After several delays the new tank truck has been delivered and is now in-service, and just in time as tanker 1 has developed a leak in its 25 year old steel tank that must be addressed this year. 

Training this year has consisted of several members attending the annual Twin State School, joint training with North Haverhill, Woodsville, Lisbon Fire Departments as well as in-house training.

Several members were re-certified in CPR and AED.

We continue to be involved with Bath Police and Bath Village School, developing safety and emergency plans at Bath Village School as well as putting on a program at the school during Fire Prevention Week and conduct fire drills at the school.

As motor vehicle accidents and rescues continue to be a large amount of our call volume we added cribbing and a set of extrication spreaders to our equipment this year and have scheduled auto extrication classes for the spring. 

The Fire Association would like to thank everyone who has supported us this year and would like to remind students that it gives a scholarship each year.

All assembly occupations as well as all rental properties in NH have to by law be inspected annually to meet the State Fire Code. If you own such a property or are a renter and have not had an inspection done please contact the Fire Chief or Assistant Fire Chief and we will schedule one for you.




Thank you to all that supported the Department this year.






William Minot, Fire Chief


Donald Bowman, Assistant Fire Chief


Jon Brusseau, Captain


Jessica Brusseau/ Lieutenant


Gary Gagnon, Lieutenant/Forest Fire Warden




Timothy Troy, Bill Ash, Gregory Jellison, Luke Poor, George Talitinian, Chris Monette, Mac Cashin, Zachary Brinker, Robert Miles, Joseph Rodger, Ryan Hennebury, Matt Emerson, Cole Robbins, Joseph Sargent and Joseph Mitchell












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